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Valya’s experience was seen in every step of the process of selling our home.

Her contacts were very useful right from staging to closing. Her timely updates kept us well informed.

Seller [Fremont, CA]

Valya has helped us through two home sales and two purchases.

She’s great for multiple reasons 1. She has almost 30 years of experience and so knows the ins and outs of real estate market. 2. She is well networked with other agents which is a big advantage in markets like the Bay Area where the inventory is almost always tight. 3. She goes well above and beyond her responsibilities. In our case we needed to get some work done on our house before putting it on the market. We were novices, so she accompanied us to buy everything from kitchen cabinets, granite, tiles, wood flooring, carpeting, lighting, etc. She also helped us turn around the remodel work in record time by getting us access to great contractors. She’s now a great friend whom I trust completely for real estate advice.

Buyer/Seller [Fremont, CA]

Recently bought a house in Dublin, CA, where our Real Estate Agent was Valya Ragu.

Valya patiently showed us so many houses till we narrowed down on the home which we liked. All through this process, Valya was guiding us in various aspects of the house purchase, help us get the right Loan Agent by providing references, help us order the inspections needed for the house purchase, co-ordinate with various agencies, educating us on what to look during the house purchase, which issues are critical and which are not very critical. We felt extremely comfortable working with Valya and Valya had been extremely patient and kind in answering all the questions we have been asking all through this process. Valya's approach was extremely professional and at the same time very personal in explaining the various process steps during the house purchase. I have already recommended Valya to many of my Friends and will recommend Valya to any individual planning to buy house in the Bay Area.

Buyer [Dublin, CA]

We were so fortunate to have found value when.

As our Realtor, she helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. She was patient to look at homes over several months and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes. In short, she was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Valya was that she was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than she was on closing a deal. We would recommend her to anyone.

Buyer [Berry Lane, District Heights, MD]

Being a millennial first time home buyer, you have more questions than answers.

But having Valya by our side alleviated our never ending concerns over budget, neighborhood and type of property we were looking out for. Her vast knowledge about neighborhoods, ever so detailed explanation about design and construction of houses, understanding of how house prices move in this topsy-turvy market really makes you feel more assured of your decisions. Throughout the house search she was very prompt to patiently answer our growing list of questions. The best thing about Valya is her commitment to get her clients the best possible house in the market. She always puts your best interests at the top of the priority list making sure you are never pressurized into making a decision unless you are absolutely convinced. Her network is amazing (believe me it really does make a difference if your agent has previously worked with the listing agent!) and that really helped us through the entire process.

Buyer [Campbell, CA]

Val has been extremely professional and takes personal interest in making sure that the needs of her clients are more than met.

Her valuable advice from her tremendous experience and genuine interest through the process of home buying has been very assuring to us. She was on top of things and made sure to educate and update us on all the involved steps in the process. She was always responsive to our questions and needs and took initiative on her own to tackle both anticipated and unanticipated issues efficiently. Thanks so much to Val for all her help, kind interest and professionalism in securing a home for us and making sure that we Walked away with the best!!

Buyer [Fremont, CA]

Valya has been our agent for two home purchases and one sale.

We’ve been extremely pleased with her services. Twice she helped us buy homes in highly desirable neighborhoods under very competitive conditions. She also helped us sell an investment property with very little effort on our part. She understood our goals and worked hard to meet them – never rushing or pressuring us to act. She focuses on cultivating long-term relationships with clients and will go the extra mile to help in many different ways – from loan financing to helping with repairs and moving. We’ve recommended Valya to many friends and they’ve all been very pleased with her services.

Usha Srinivasan [Saratoga, CA]

Valya is an awesome agent.

We were first-time buyers and we had a lot of questions. She was very patient enough to answer all the questions we had. She is very experienced and she gave us a very clear explanation of every step in the home buying process. I definitely recommend Valya to anyone looking to buy a house in the Bay Area!

Sarvesh Musuvathy, Buyer [Fremont, CA]

Valya guided and advised on the right place and neighborhood.

She’s very experienced and thorough and always reachable for any questions. Would def work with Valya again

Buyer [Fremont, CA]

I would look no further for a realtor in the Bay Area.

Valya helped us buy a property in 2003 and subsequently sell it in 2017. We did significant remodeling before the property was listed for sale and Valya took care of all of it!! (Living outside the bay area now, I never visited the property until all remodeling was completed, the property staged and shown, and offers received). This above and beyond service exemplifies Valya's approach to her work. She enjoys it, is outstanding at it, and home sales are much more than transactions to her. These attributes, coupled with her high integrity and excellent understanding of the bay area housing market are true differentiators, and it has truly been a delight working with her.

Buyer/Seller [Milpitas, CA]

Valya recently helped us purchase our very first home in Fremont.

I had met Valya at a different open house and after chatting with her for a bit, I was very impressed both by her knowledge as well as how much at ease she put us. So we approached her later that day and asked her if she could be our agent. As first time home buyers, we were nervous to enter the bay area market and Valya made the process as stress free for us as possible by staying calm, patiently explaining and guiding us through the entire process and recommending good lenders, home inspectors and other people who we found to be top notch. At no point in the process did we feel pressured by Valya to go beyond a price point we were comfortable with. Thank you Valya for helping us purchase our dream home!

Buyer [Fremont, CA]

Valya is one of the most knowledgeable real estate agents we have ever worked with .

We have worked with her over many years to sell our house and also buy our house. She is a consummate professional who is honest, reliable and trustworthy. We have recommended her to many of our friends who have enjoyed working with Valya and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She knows her markets very well and has deep connections in the real estate world. She is very approachable and easy to work with. She is has high energy and very customer service oriented and we would work with her again.

Iyer Revathi, Buyer/Seller [Cupertino, CA]

Valya helped us buy our first home.

She introduced us to the new construction and walked us through the process. She answered all the questions we had in the process and guided us throughout the way.

Buyer [Pleasanton, CA]

We were first time home buyers, and initially found home buying process daunting.

We were referred to Valya by a family relative. Right from our first call, we found her very comfortable to work with. She was extremely patient, not just in answering our (often noob) questions, but also in taking us to visit so many homes. She gave us completely new perspectives on new vs resale, townhome vs SFHs, etc. which actually made us re-think our original choices. Once we narrowed down on a house, she moved really fast in making sure we made the best offer. When in escrow, she was constantly in sync with us about the happenings and next steps -- which was super helpful for us first-timers -- and made we closed on time. After closing, she even helped us in remodeling it, which showed that she was genuinely interested in getting us a home we'd be happy in. Overall, we are extremely glad to have had Valya as our realtor, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Special mention has to be made to the precautions she took during COVID time. She always wore masks, gloves and shoe covers, and practiced safe social distancing. We're just sad that we couldn't shake her hand, but we are looking forward to inviting her to our new home later!

Seller [Newark, CA]

Valya helped us buy our first home in 2009.

Subsequently, she also helped us sell this home in 2013 and move into our current home (new construction). I highly recommend Valya for following reasons: 1. She is highly knowledgeable about current real estate trends, market values, factors driving demand and supply in the market 2. Has the experience in the breadth of homes she has sold in all ranges 3. Is able to bring in her sagely advise at the right moment and offer advice which helped us to make the right decision at the right time 4. Never for a moment does she miss any point, analyzes deeply and offers a very rich point of view (highly consultative approach) 5. Listens patiently, is proactive and highly detail oriented to address all aspects of buying and/or selling a home 6. A seasoned and skilled negotiator on both sell-side and buy-side (even for new homes while dealing with builders) 7. Finally, has a very experienced team of professionals that can support every need of her clients from home inspections, minor fixes, major remodels, office support, staging, etc. Trust me, you can never go wrong if Valya is on your side. Enough said!

Buyer/Seller [San Jose, CA]

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Valya.

She's very thorough and meticulous in her process that she made it very smooth for us. She's an excellent negotiator. We are very happy to have gotten our first house with her. She's an absolute find for any client.

Buyer/Seller, [San Jose, CA]

We've been referred to Valya by friends who've worked with her for buying our home.

Valya was pleasant to work with, trustworthy and realiable. She was extremely helpful in navigating us through the hurdles that came up in the process of buying our home. I would recommend Valya and would use her services in future if the need arises.

Suma Potluri, Buyer [Los Gatos, CA]

Valya is an expert realtor; she has over 20 years of experience in the industry and her knowledge is extremely valuable in all stages of the home buying process, from market research, choosing the right price when making an offer, bidding with other competitive offers and negotiating terms.

I bought my first home from her in November 2017. I managed to get the first house I put an offer for, thanks to her insight and hard work. I highly highly recommend Valya to anyone interested in buying or selling a house.

Buyer [Campbell, CA]

We worked with Valya for our house purchase and had a very peaceful and smooth house searching and purchasing experience because of her.

She simplified the whole process for us. She has stayed in bay area for very long time and knows very well about every bit of it. She takes lot of time and explains everything that we don’t understand in detail. She helped us in decision making by understanding our priorities. Also helped us find the right people for all the remodeling works. She keeps in touch with her clients for long term.

Buyer, [Newark CA]

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